for R

Installation of IRkernel

The tours in R are Jupyter notebooks. To run them (which we recommend), you need to install IRkernel through

Installation of the libraries

The tours make use of different external libraries such as:

  • imager
  • pracma
  • Matrix

Each time you encounter a new library in a numerical tour, you will need to install it.
In order to install each of them on the R kernel for Jupyter, you need to run the following line on an R terminal:\

install.packages("name_of_library","directory_of_IRkernel_libraries", dep=TRUE)

The directory_of_IRkernel_libraries is the place of the subfolder R\library inside the installation folder of Anaconda3 on your computer. Example of the installation of imager:

install.packages("imager","C:\Program Files\Anaconda3\R\library", dep=TRUE)

You can use from the R prompt the command home to locate this directory:


Installation of the toolboxes packages

Each tour makes use of a toolbox package that needs to be downloaded as a .zip file, and then unzipped within your working directory (from which you will run the notebooks): (

Alternatively, you can download the whole numerical_tours: (

Solutions of the exercises

The solutions to the exercises are available online.