for Matlab

Installation of the toolboxes

Each tour makes use some of the following toolboxes, that needs to be downloaded as .zip file, and then unzipped within your working directory (from which you will run the notebooks):

Alternatively, you can download the whole numerical_tours.

Scilab and Octave

Note that a lot of Matlab tours are also compatible with Scilab and with GNU Octave.

Installation of IPython

If you intend to run the tours are IPython notebook (which we recommend), you need to install IPython notebook to run the code. You must also install the python-matlab-bridge.

Make sure you can run the command matlab from a command window (or terminal). If not, try the methods below:

Unix-like-systems (including OSX):

Add the following to your ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile:


Windows systems:

From a CMD window:


Note, if you see the message:

“WARNING: The data being saved is truncated to 1024 characters”

It means your PATH variable is too long. You’ll have to manually trim in in the Windows Environmental Variables editor.

Solutions of the exercises

The solutions to the exercises are available online.